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The Lancers capped off another great year at the 2018 2019 Athletic Banquet on Wednesday March 20th. Both individual and team accomplishments from throughout the season were celebrated and a total of 46 awards were handed out to deserving recipients. 

Hosted for the second year in a row by Lancer Alumni and future Hall of Famer Erin Rose, the evening kicked off with the 2nd annual Lanny Awards, followed by the Athlete's Address from women's rugby player, Kierstyn Bennett, a second year student in the Environmental Sciences program. President Ann Marie Vaughan was up next with wonderfully genuine and heartfelt words about her admiration for the players, coaches and staff. 

With speaches and opening remarks completed, the awards portion of the evening began with the presentation of indivdual team awards. Each teams presented 3 seperate awards  -  Coaches Award, Leadership Award & team MVP. The award winners are:


The Cross Country team was first across the stage where Head Coach Kevin Beatty and Assistant Coach Ashley Bickle presented first year runner Nicole Flynn with the OCAA Fair Play Award. Kai MackIntosh recieved the Coaches Award for his improvement throughout the course of the season and National competitors Bobby Buck and Sarah Law were awarded co-MVPs. 

Women's Soccer Head Coach Rob Terry and Assistant Jordan McConnell were on hand to present the awards for their team. Vetern players Taylor Wightman and Emily Asante shared the Coaches Award while Natasha Mathieu and Rachel Cole were awarded co-recipients of the Leadership Award. Charasmatic leader Emily Osmond was named team MVP and announced her recenlty accepted position as a member of the 2019/20 women's soccer coaching stafff. 

Women's Rugby took the stage next with Head Coach Ken Fitzgerald and Assistant Coach Joanne Robinson presenting. Second year player Lola Akindolire recieved the Coaches Award followed by Rachelle Malette recieving the Leadership Award and Bailey Meraw, the MVP.

OCAA Rugby Coach of the Year Kyle Ripley and his fellow coaches Josh Chambers, Brad Charleton & Marcus Sullivan led their team on stage for the presentation of their awards. Nate Hoban was awarded the Coaches' Award for his selfless play throughout the season while veteran player Ryan McDougall earned the Leadership Award. Team MVP was presented to Thomas Paul, who lef the team in yardage gained, tries scored and overall points. 

Moving to the teams on the hard court, Head Coach Caleb Hugh and assistants Claire Davies and Bryan Davies presented the women's basketball team with their awards. Graduating athlete Hailey Van Rossum earned the team's Coaches' Award while first year Lancer Piper Kehoe was awarded the Leadership Award. OCAA All Stars Brittany Mason and Kate Raso (also named to the OCAA All Rookie team) took home the honours of Women's Basketball MVPs.

On the men's side of the basketball program, Coach Patrick Kabeya awarded league veteran & first year Lancer Akim Ruot with the Coaches Award and graduating player Williamson Dorelien with the Leadership Award. The Bruce Collins MVP Award went to hard working, dedicated talented guard, Angelo Sarsonas.

Women's volleyball Head Coach Dominique Dawes and Assistant Coach Rebecca Ramsay presented their awards to 5 deserving players. The Coaches' Award went to utility player Raven Maracle while the Leadership Award went to graduating athlete Alicia Orsborne and rookie Rachel Streekstra. The MVP award went to co-winners Lorraine Spellman and OCAA 1st team All Star, Jillian Hoftyzer.

The final set of team awards were presnted to the men's volleyball program by Head Coach Chris Jenkins and Assistants Ryan Stoness and Ben Hoftyzer. Trevor Fortier and Caleb Seguin both members of the OCAA All Rookie Team, were named co-recipients of the Coaches' Award. Third year player Matt Bridgeland earned the team's Leadership Award and graduating standout Josh Roberts was awarded team MVP.  


In the 2014/15 season, the Athletics Department introduced a new award to recognize this longstanding tradition of academic success. Since then, multiple teams have been honoured every year with our Academic Award of Excellence that recognizes teams that have a combined average of 80% or higher.

This year, three teams recieved this award. The women's basketball team boasted an 81% average, women's rugby earned an 83% and cross country topped it off with an impressive 85% average.



 The Academic All-Canadian award is the CCAAs most prestigious student-athlete honour. It epitomizes the foundations of the association by recognizing both commitment to academic success and athletic achievement. Honorees must attain academic honours (80%+) in addition to being named to their sport's respective All-Star Team.

This year's recipients are: Two first year athletes from the Cross Country team, Bobby Buck and Sarah Law. From the women's volleyball team, fourth year player, Jillian Hoftyzer and from the women's basketball team, a second year athlete, Brittany Mason.

In addition to the 4 banner recipients, two more athletes were recognition for their accomplishments. Both were named league all-stars in their sport two years in a row and have maintained over a 90% average. Congratulations Rachelle Malette and Bailey Meraw from the women's rugby team on their Academic & Athletic Excellence Awards.


In memory of former student Bob McKendrick, this award is presented each year to an individual who has made a significant contribution to Campus Recreation.  For the first time, this honor was awarded to two people. Although they're very different people, each demonstrate the values that Campus Recreation promotes in their unique and positive way.

The Bob McKendrick Award was presented to Dylan Kelly and Karlie Armstrong

The Bob Young Award is presented to a student athlete for Academic and Athletic Excellence.  The first recipient is an elite female runner from the cross country team. In her first year competing as a Loyalist Lancer, she finished 9th at the OCAA Championships and 25th at the CCAA National Championships, all while maintaining a remarkable 95% average in Journalism.
The second recipient made a huge impact on the men's basketball team this year. He led the team in steals and was second in scoring. He is a leader on the court and in the classroom, with an average of 91% in his final year of Business Administration.

The winners of the Bob Young award are Sarah Law and Raymond Yeung.

The Larry Cook Award is presented to student athletes who best exemplify the values of fair play, integrity and commitment.  The first recipeint lead the women's soccer team in scoring but more importantly, she's a wonderful person who is always willing to lend a hand.
The second winner is a natural leader on and off the field. Not only is he an extremely talented rugby player, but an incredible young man who works just as hard in the fitness center as he does on the field. He's a mental health advocate and someone we are very proud to call a Lancer.

The Larry Cook Award Winners are Taylor Wightman & Ryan McDougall

The Dave Butler award is presented to the student athlete who through their enthusiasm and love of the game attracts others to participate.  The first award winner has been a wonderful addition to the Lancers. As a first year, dual sport athlete, she works incredibly hard to balance everything she's got going on. Not only does she excel on the field and court, she's a gifted student who works hard in a very demanding program to do her best in every way.
The second winner has had his ups and downs over the years but he has never quit, backed down or complained. Even after suffering a season ending injury early on this season, he remained dedicated to his team and contributed in any way that he could.

The Dave Butler Award winners are Rachel Streekstra  & Ebun Tomiwa

The Peter Williams award is presented to a student athlete who has been selfless in their dedication to athletics, Loyalist College and the community This recipient is arguably one of the hardest working people on campus as she juggles multiple jobs, impressive academics and complete dedication to her team. On the field, she's aggressive, tough and a completely natural leader. She never expects things of her teammates that she wouldn't do herself and they're only too happy to follow in her spectacular footsteps. 

The winner of the Peter Williams award is Rachelle Malette

The Greg Gavin award is presented to a student athlete for their outstanding commitment and dedication to varsity athletics. This award winner is, above all else, a truly wonderful human being. When you add in her outstanding academics, her talents on the rugby field and her natural leadership abilities, you get the epitome of a student athlete.

The Greg Gavin Award winners is Kierstyn Bennett

New this year, The President's Award is presented to the student athlete who demonstrates a commitment to Loyalist College, not only through an outstanding balance of academics and athletics, but also by making a positive impact on the greater college community during their time as a student. 

Both recipients of the President's Award are admirable leaders on and off the court. They have made a tremendous impact as Lancers during their time at Loyalist College. These two athletes not only lead their respective teams in scoring, but can be identified far and wide with their poignant voices from the beginning to end of each match.

The President's Award winners are Jillian Hoftyzer and Josh Robert.

The Rookie of the Year awards are presented to the first year student who has shown outstanding performance in their respective sport. The female rookie of the year made a huge impact in the OCAA from the first time she stepped on the court in a Lancer jersey. She led her team in scoring this season with a total of 231 points and an impressive 44 steals. She was named to the OCAA All-Rookie team, was an OCAA 2nd Team All-Star and was awarded Co-MVP for her team.

The first ever female Loyalist Lancer Rookie of the Year award winner is Kate Raso.

This year's male Rookie of the Year is an incredibly hard-working, dedicated and impressive competitor. In his first year as a Lancer, he was the only male dual sport athlete, competing with both the cross-country and men's basketball teams. He has quickly become the most successful male runner for the Lancers in the past 6 years. With two top 10 finishes at OCAA Invitiational meets early in the season, he finished an astounding 11th place at the Provincial Championships in November. Having crossed the finish line in just under 28 minutes, he was named a second team all-star and qualified to compete at the CCAA National Championships. As a member of the men's basketball team, he plays every minute he's on the court with intensity, speed and intelligence. He possesses a highly intelligent insight into the game that is only rivalled by his impressive technical abilities.

The 2018-2019 men's Rookie of the Year is Bobby Buck.

 The Athlete of the Year Awards are given out to those respective student athletes who best exemplify athletic excellence at Loyalist College.

The female recipient was in the top 5 in the OCAA for scoring with 55 total points on the season and is a highly decorated player both as a Lancer and within the OCAA. She was awarded Lancer Athlete of the Week two times, was names her team's MVP, is an OCAA League All Star and OCAA Academic Award winner. She was presented with an Loyalist Lancer Academic & Athletic Excellence Award and is kind, hard working, and shows incredible sportsmanship.

The Female Athlete of the Year is Bailey Meraw.

The male recipient also lead his team in overall scoring with 282 total points, 13.4 points pergame, 96 assists and was second in steals with 35. He was also named a Lancer Athlete of the Week, was his team's MVP and was named an OCAA 1st Team All Star. His commitment to his personal and team development is second to none and continuously impresses with outstanding athletic abilities. 

The Male Athlete of the Year is Angelo Sarsonas.