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Scholarship Program


The aim of our scholarship program is to give talented student athletes financial compensation for their commitment and dedication to our Varsity program and their chosen course of academic study. The scholarships will reflect the commitment of Loyalist Athletics towards excellence in Sport. 


All applicants must satisfy the normal entry requirements of Loyalist College and be registered in a full- time program with full- time status. This includes postgraduate programs.

Applicants must excel  in their chosen sport and demonstrate an ability to compete at the Provincial (OCAA) and National (CCAA) level. In most cases the applicants must have been recruited by the Varsity coach or a member of the Athletic Department.


All awardees of a scholarship shall sign an Athletics Scholarship contract. Copies of the contract are available through the Department of Athletics or on-line on the Lancer web page.

Sport scholarships are valid for one year only but can be extended at the discretion of the Athletic Department. All scholarship recipients are held to higher expectations, and will be asked to expand their leadership and dedication through community involvement, increased leadership roles amongst their chosen team, or first year athlete mentoring for example.

All awardees of a scholarship shall maintain a passing average in all courses throughout the duration of the scholarship. Passing averages will be determined by each individual academic program.

All awardees are expected to maintain a high level of personal fitness throughout the entire duration of the scholarship. They will complete and pass all fitness tests that they are asked to participate in by their Head Coach or by the Athletic Director. A maximum of 3 tests per season can be asked of any scholarship recipient, at any time during their competitive season. Unsatisfactory results will require a meeting with the Head Coach, and the Athletic Director for resolution.

All awardees of sports scholarships shall commit themselves to their team and participate in all competitions and practices unless they are given permission by the Head Coach, Athletic Director or Head Athletic Therapist.

All awardees must display at all times an appropriate standard of conduct and sportsmanship. Awardees shall never engage in any activity which may potentially bring the College or Athletic Department into disrepute. As College ambassadors, scholarship recipients are expected to comply with guidelines spelled out in the Scholarship contract. Any breach of these expected conducts could result in the loss of your scholarship.