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The Lancers played their final game of the season when they hosted the St. Lawrence Vikings Wednesday night.

 The home team came out with aggression, taking multiple shots on net and coming close to scoring on a number of occasions. Veteran athlete Emily Osmond continued to shine in the midfield, consistently beating her marks and making brilliant plays. Equally impressive on the wing was first year Lancer, Rachel Cole. Like Osmond, Cole has had a standout season and played every game with grit and determination.  With a combination of speed, physicality and footwork, Cole has dominated nearly every matchup she's faced.

 Recently back from injury, Megan Evelyn brought a level of toughness to the game that was a key element in the Lancers' defence while Taylor Whitman added aggression on the offensive attack. The 5'7 forward made a last ditch effort to get on the board with only minutes left to go in the game. Battling two defence , Wightman made a great shot that was stopped by the Vikings second keeper to hold the Lancers to a 2-0 final.

With the loss, the Lancers finish their season out of playoff contention.

Coach Rob Terry is taking a long term view of rebuilding the program and is happy with the progress the team made this year. "My first goal was to establish the team defensively and I am quite pleased with that. We cut goal against down by 13, and were were competitive in many games this year - often carrying ties or close scores into the latter stages of games."

Injuries and low numbers play a factor in the teams' success, Terry continues. " We ran into some injury issues this year, with key starting players sustaining injuries that took them out of the lineup for a significant number of games.  I really credit the players in the program for stepping up and making the most of their opportunities to play.  By the end of the season we saw significant improvement in the team overall, but certainly in some particular individual players who really developed."

After taking some time off to rest and recover, the Lancers will begin off season training in the the coming weeks as Terry turns to recruiting to add new players to his lineup.